A long-running World of Greyhawk campaign currently in CY 572. The prominent PCs/NPCs in the campaign are characters that go all the way back to AD&D campaigns in the mid-80s.

The outcast drow wizard, Delcar, has through a combination of guile, blackmail and bribery become a count in Furyondy. His methods are suspect, but his intentions seem good. He’s taken on some old friends and is recruiting youngsters of great potential from all over to become the lands next great heroes.

Delcar started as the GM’s PC back when Unearthed Arcana hit, half the players are veterans of the campaign over the last 5-10 years, the others are very new. We’re introducing three younger players to the game for the first time, so the campaign feeling in somewhere between ‘Naruto’ and ‘Harry Potter’. The campaign is still in pre-wars Greyhawk, and all bets are off if the timeline will go as published or not.

Out From the Shadows