Out From the Shadows

So Far....
Story So Far

Delcar has married his lady love, on the surface they’re a strange pair, but they do compliment each other nicely. Neltara, the tallfellow halfling and he are quite happy together and take their roles as Count and Countess of County Blackheart very seriously.

Delcar has a small but potentially wealthy county in the northeast of Furyondy that and now owes fealty to Duke Luther Dewent. He and the Duke have an uneasy relationship, they respect each others business acumen and intellect, but Delcar is holding an ‘ace up his sleeve’ over the Duke’s head which causes a lot of tension.

The town of Eyeberen is the location Delcar has chosen for his castle. _For minimum impact to other campaigns; according to The Marklands p26

“The soldiers and ordinary folk around the castle shudder at the mention of the malign wizard [Janzipir], and there are mutterings and wild rumors of all kinds about him, but there are enough watchmen who owe their lives to his warnings for him to find a welcome of sorts here.”

While he’s the ruler, not ‘just’ the local wizard, it has the same ‘flavor’.

Delcar has recruited some old friends to help with his vision, a great academy/school of magic and warfare.

  • Neltara, his wife who is unequaled in thrown weapons, and skilled at stealth and spying.
  • Shethba the Enchantress
  • Rashida the undefeated champion of Greyhawks ‘pit’
  • Reigar Rashida’s husband, an ex-smuggler and excellent administrator
  • Turgor the infamous mercenary
  • Zifneb a master level gnome illusionist

The youth selected for the first ‘class’

  • Nosajaryen – a troubled orphan with a dark shadow hanging over him
  • Tashakina – a Rhenee youth, shunned by his own people
  • Jor – the ‘local boy made good’ his latent talent for magery, wits and strength made him an obvious choice.
  • Jaerik – Shethba’s nephew, he’s here for a broader education, and partially for his own protection.
  • Fist – Fang’s brother, crude and a bit dim, this half-orc youth doesn’t lack heart, but he does lack tact…
  • Fang – in contrast to her brother Fang was quite shy but has a sharp mind, and has inherited her mother’s gift of channeling ‘grandmother tiger’.
  • Gwynn – illegitimate daughter of Turgor this troubled half-elf lass is already deadly.
  • Beth – Daughter of Shethba’s long-time servant and confidant, Beth has inherited her mother’s gifts for organization, and her fathers keen powers of observation.
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